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The biblical battle between good and evil...reimagined.

Will Arthur be able to save his family?

At 22 years old Arthur had it all. All the friends a guy could ask for, a loving family, and the respect from his hometown. All of that is ripped away when Redwater is attacked.

Follow along as Arthur sets out to save his family from the clutches of darkness. Meets a strange old man claiming he wants to help, and a beautiful girl who just lost her father. Arthur must become the man his father taught him to be or fall victim to a world that seems to contradict everything he learned.

Will Arthur save his family, or will he be defeated by the ancient threat of a blight spreading across the countryside?

Time... is running out.

You will love this epic fantasy book because it addresses manhood, salvation, and the fight between good and evil.

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Rudy Garcia is an independent fantasy author who loves travel, hunting, wrestling, and coffee. He’s currently one book deep into his first trilogy, Through the Flames. He has made the top 5 in the free ebook categories. He was born and raised in Miami, FL but currently lives in Tampa, FL with his wife and son.



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